Spring Workshop April 1, 2017

S5005186Spring Workshop at Mystic Seaport – Saturday April 1, 2017

Fifty-five hearty souls converged in the North Parking Lot at Mystic Seaport on Saturday, April 1, 2017 for the SNEC Spring Workshop.  I say “hearty” as the weather was rainy, raw and extremely windy! You would have thought we were in the middle of January and not April 1st.

Our workshop started with a self-guided tour of the Watercraft Building.  This building houses an extensive collection of vintage motors and boats not currently being displayed in the museum proper.  Everyone was on their own to meander throughout the building, take pictures and ask questions.

Our members were free to go into the seaport proper and walk around looking at the exhibits – especially the new exhibition hall located across the street from the North Parking lot.  This was a fascinating place with many beautiful artifacts and a self-guided tour.

From there we had an enjoyable lunch at Latitude 41 where it was nice and warm and we got to converse with old friends and many new chapter members.  Chapter President Lynn McFarlin welcomed everyone and expressed her appreciation for the turnout in such conditions!

After lunch we walked over to the Mayflower II, owned by the Pilmoth Plantation, and is currently undergoing a multi-year restoration in the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard at the seaport.  The restoration of the nearly 60 year old wooden ship is being carried out over several years with the project scheduled for completion in 2019.  The purpose is to prepare the ship for the 400th anniversary in 2020 of the Pilgrims’ arrival in 1620.  We were able to go walk around the ship, climb the stairs to the upper decks and see the restoration work “up close and personal”.  We thank Dana Hewston, Quentin Snediker, Whit Perry and Matt Barnes (SNEC chapter member) for taking our questions and explain about the restoration.

In addition to the Mayflower II, the Viking longship Draken Harald Harfagre was hauled out on March 31st for several days of routine maintenance.  The vessel has been spending the winter at Mystic Seaport after her 2016 expedition to North America from Norway.   The Draken is a reconstruction of what the Norse Sagas refer to as a “Great Ship”.  This was a beautiful ship and we were fortunate to be able to see her!

It was a great day and we all learned a lot! – Bette Heinzman, Chapter Secretary

Boat Registration, Model Makers and Awards

Throughout the month of June we had a steady stream of boat registrations come in, not only locally, but as far away as Virginia! This year, as in years past, we had new boats register and many inquiries about our show. We had a total of 15 boats being judged.

unspecified-5.jpegFriday July 8th saw many boats being launched and many going out for a short “cruise” prior to our cookout provided by the Essex Lions Club. The weather cooperated and everything went off like clock-work.

Boat show Saturday dawned bleak and with a very slight mist; we got everyone launched without any mishaps and the show opened at 9:00 a.m. to the general public. Attendance started slow as many people waited to see what the weather would do (it turned out to be cool throughout the day with a breeze). Around 11:00 a.m. we saw more people coming in and the vintage cars start to arrive up on the Law House Lawn. The flow of traffic between the two venues was excellent and people milled about looking at the cars and the boat building being done by the museum on the lawn. You could even vote for a “People’s Choice” on the cars! I think with the weather conditions that we had – attendance was good – too hot and too sunny would not have been good.

unspecified-4.jpegThe Mystic Model Makers again outdid themselves with the models brought this year. Two new model makers were in attendance with models we had never seen before. It was always busy around the tables, with questions being asked and pictures being taken.

After enjoying an excellent cocktail hour and dinner provided by Donahue’s Madison Beach Grille, Chapter President Steve Haines thanked the museum as well as the show participants for a GREAT show and advised the dates of the show for 2017 which will be July 7-9, 2017 with the actual show on Saturday July 8th.

Chief Judge David McFarlin thanked the judges and went over the judging criteria. Everyone was pleased to see that several of our new entries won awards and a couple won multiple awards. The listing of awards is posted on the SNEC Chapter website southernewenglandchapter-ACBS.org.

unspecified.jpegMy thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped launch, dock and coordinate the boats and trailers as well as those who helped out during the show. We will start planning our 2017 show shortly! – Lynn McFarlin, Chapter Vice President and Boat Show Chair.

Special Thanks to our chapter vice president Lynn McFarlin for putting together this article for us. Here’s to another great boat show!


How We Did At The Boat Show : Raffles and Ship’s Store

As many of you know, the Southern New England Chapter has had raffles and a ship’s store for many years now. The raffles (Friday during the cookout) and all day Saturday (which is open to the general public) are fun things to do and help contribute money do the chapter. All items for the silent auction, which was held on Saturday, and the other two raffles are donated by area merchants as well as chapter members.

unspecified-3.jpegThis year was no exception with many shops in Essex and the surrounding area providing us with gift certificates or gift cards.The list was impressive and certainly everything was well received by our show visitors. Saturday’s raffle tickets sold at a fast pace and it was interesting to watch how people put their tickets in the bags – some spread them out amongst the 26 raffle items and some just put all their tickets in one bag! It was great to see a child’s face when he or she won – they were so excited!

unspecified-1.jpegSaturday’s silent auction featured a Limited Edition Print by the artist Darrell Bush (he does the covers for Cabela’s), entitled Legends at Bay, an Artist Proof by California Artist Paul Bailey (who did the Chris-Craft “pin-up” girl tee shirts that we had for sale, of a Chris-Craft and GarWood racing, a model of a Chris-Craft Barrel Back, a beautiful half hull of Baby Bootlegger and a whimsical lab robe/child’s quilt entitled “Preppy the Whale”.

Our Ship’s Store had a selection of “Chris-Craft Pin-Up Girls” tee shirts done by California artist Paul Bailey. The girls were wearing swim suits from the 1940’s-50’s era! They were very well received and we only have a couple left – which is great! Paul has agreed to do a “hunk” on a tee shirt for next year’s show – so girls – get ready! Our hats and visors sold well as did our other tee shirts, books, pendants and note cards.

unspecified.jpegRob and Kim gave out “extras” of our various posters as well as helping visitors complete the “People’s Choice” forms and direct them to the boats on the docks, the model makers under the tent, ship’s store as well as the vintage cars and boat building up on the Lay House lawn.






I thank everyone who helped with the raffles and ship’s store for the outstanding job that was done. The coordination to make sure everything goes off well is a large task and couldn’t be done without the help of our volunteers. My sincere thanks as well to the merchants in Essex and the surrounding area as well as our chapter members for contributing year after year to our raffles. –Bette Heinzman, Chapter Secretary and Raffle Chairperson

Special Thanks to Bette Heinzman for putting together this article for our website. Here’s to another great boat Mahogany Memories!

Award Winners: Mahogany Memories 2016

Our boat show down in Essex was very successful. Here we have a summary of our winners.

First Place Awards

1961 Grady White owned by Rich Rosselli – “Castaway

1959 Chris Craft owned by Richard Haupt – “Old Timer

1964 Aqua Ray owned by Todd Williams – “Telstar

1946 Chris Craft owned by John Rau – “Wood Ya

1955 Chris Craft owned by Lee Hunt – “Partners Choice

1951 Hiliner owned by Brian Carey – “Sweet Jane

1958 Penn Yan owned by Joseph D’Amico

Second Place Awards

1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

1954 Lobster Boat owned by Bill Stevens – “Rose

1952 Penn Yan owned by Tom Davenport – “Peter Pan

Third Place Awards

1955 Chris Craft owned by Ted Boynton – “Babs

1951 Penn Yan owned by David Scott – “Glycerin

Special Awards

Best Restored –  1946 Chris Craft owned by John Rau – “Wood Ya

unspecified.jpgBest Preserved – 1961 Grady White owned by Rich Rosselli – “Castaway

Judges Choice – 1908 Steam Launch owned by Connecticut River Museum

People’s Choice – 1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

unspecified.jpgBest Chris Craft – 1959 Chris Craft owned by Richard Haupt – “Old Timer

Best Gar Wood – 1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

unspecified.jpgBest Non-Wood – 1964 Aqua Ray owned by Todd Williams – “Telstar

unspecified.jpgMost Original (ACBS Award) – 1951 Hiliner owned by Brian Carey – “Sweet Jane

Mahogany Mondays: The Haupt Family 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat

I would first off like to apologize for being a week late with this article. With the stress of finals and end of the school year chaos, I simply ran out of time! But I finally got the article finished, so here it is! Enjoy!



This week for our Mahogany Monday Feature Boat, we introduce Rich and Jodie Haupt’s 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat. Purchased by the Haupt family (2nd owner) in 1969, for water skiing and family sunset cruises, it has remained family owned for two generations ever since!! The boat went through one family restoration in 1989 and then a second restoration that was completed just last June in 2015 by Jim Murdoch and his team.


041__3_.jpg        IMG_0847.JPG

In the past, every spring, the Haupt family spent time caulking, repainting the bottom, and endless hours going through the sand, varnish, sand, varnish routine we all know so well. They also spent time learning about and maintaining the Chev V8-283 engine.

IMG_2468.JPG         IMG_1798.JPG

Summer 2012 670.jpg

1959 ‘Old Timer’ spends most her time on the Twin Lakes up in Salisbury, CT. The Haupt family has been enjoying her since the early 70s and she still pulls water skiers today! The Haupt family enjoys wooden boating and wants to keep this boat and the memories it hold in the family for generations to come. ‘Old Timer’ will be at our 32nd Mahogany Memories Boat Show this July and we hope to see you there!

Our next Mahogany Mondays post will be July 4th! Would you like to feature your antique classic boat? We’d love to post it! Please email Bridget Haines at; pastime1967@gmail.com,  and we will begin a conversation from there!

Keep checking back at the website for more articles and uploads about our show in July and other SNEC ACBS events and news.

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