Boat Registration, Model Makers and Awards

Throughout the month of June we had a steady stream of boat registrations come in, not only locally, but as far away as Virginia! This year, as in years past, we had new boats register and many inquiries about our show. We had a total of 15 boats being judged.

unspecified-5.jpegFriday July 8th saw many boats being launched and many going out for a short “cruise” prior to our cookout provided by the Essex Lions Club. The weather cooperated and everything went off like clock-work.

Boat show Saturday dawned bleak and with a very slight mist; we got everyone launched without any mishaps and the show opened at 9:00 a.m. to the general public. Attendance started slow as many people waited to see what the weather would do (it turned out to be cool throughout the day with a breeze). Around 11:00 a.m. we saw more people coming in and the vintage cars start to arrive up on the Law House Lawn. The flow of traffic between the two venues was excellent and people milled about looking at the cars and the boat building being done by the museum on the lawn. You could even vote for a “People’s Choice” on the cars! I think with the weather conditions that we had – attendance was good – too hot and too sunny would not have been good.

unspecified-4.jpegThe Mystic Model Makers again outdid themselves with the models brought this year. Two new model makers were in attendance with models we had never seen before. It was always busy around the tables, with questions being asked and pictures being taken.

After enjoying an excellent cocktail hour and dinner provided by Donahue’s Madison Beach Grille, Chapter President Steve Haines thanked the museum as well as the show participants for a GREAT show and advised the dates of the show for 2017 which will be July 7-9, 2017 with the actual show on Saturday July 8th.

Chief Judge David McFarlin thanked the judges and went over the judging criteria. Everyone was pleased to see that several of our new entries won awards and a couple won multiple awards. The listing of awards is posted on the SNEC Chapter website

unspecified.jpegMy thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped launch, dock and coordinate the boats and trailers as well as those who helped out during the show. We will start planning our 2017 show shortly! – Lynn McFarlin, Chapter Vice President and Boat Show Chair.

Special Thanks to our chapter vice president Lynn McFarlin for putting together this article for us. Here’s to another great boat show!


How We Did At The Boat Show : Raffles and Ship’s Store

As many of you know, the Southern New England Chapter has had raffles and a ship’s store for many years now. The raffles (Friday during the cookout) and all day Saturday (which is open to the general public) are fun things to do and help contribute money do the chapter. All items for the silent auction, which was held on Saturday, and the other two raffles are donated by area merchants as well as chapter members.

unspecified-3.jpegThis year was no exception with many shops in Essex and the surrounding area providing us with gift certificates or gift cards.The list was impressive and certainly everything was well received by our show visitors. Saturday’s raffle tickets sold at a fast pace and it was interesting to watch how people put their tickets in the bags – some spread them out amongst the 26 raffle items and some just put all their tickets in one bag! It was great to see a child’s face when he or she won – they were so excited!

unspecified-1.jpegSaturday’s silent auction featured a Limited Edition Print by the artist Darrell Bush (he does the covers for Cabela’s), entitled Legends at Bay, an Artist Proof by California Artist Paul Bailey (who did the Chris-Craft “pin-up” girl tee shirts that we had for sale, of a Chris-Craft and GarWood racing, a model of a Chris-Craft Barrel Back, a beautiful half hull of Baby Bootlegger and a whimsical lab robe/child’s quilt entitled “Preppy the Whale”.

Our Ship’s Store had a selection of “Chris-Craft Pin-Up Girls” tee shirts done by California artist Paul Bailey. The girls were wearing swim suits from the 1940’s-50’s era! They were very well received and we only have a couple left – which is great! Paul has agreed to do a “hunk” on a tee shirt for next year’s show – so girls – get ready! Our hats and visors sold well as did our other tee shirts, books, pendants and note cards.

unspecified.jpegRob and Kim gave out “extras” of our various posters as well as helping visitors complete the “People’s Choice” forms and direct them to the boats on the docks, the model makers under the tent, ship’s store as well as the vintage cars and boat building up on the Lay House lawn.






I thank everyone who helped with the raffles and ship’s store for the outstanding job that was done. The coordination to make sure everything goes off well is a large task and couldn’t be done without the help of our volunteers. My sincere thanks as well to the merchants in Essex and the surrounding area as well as our chapter members for contributing year after year to our raffles. –Bette Heinzman, Chapter Secretary and Raffle Chairperson

Special Thanks to Bette Heinzman for putting together this article for our website. Here’s to another great boat Mahogany Memories!

Award Winners: Mahogany Memories 2016

Our boat show down in Essex was very successful. Here we have a summary of our winners.

First Place Awards

1961 Grady White owned by Rich Rosselli – “Castaway

1959 Chris Craft owned by Richard Haupt – “Old Timer

1964 Aqua Ray owned by Todd Williams – “Telstar

1946 Chris Craft owned by John Rau – “Wood Ya

1955 Chris Craft owned by Lee Hunt – “Partners Choice

1951 Hiliner owned by Brian Carey – “Sweet Jane

1958 Penn Yan owned by Joseph D’Amico

Second Place Awards

1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

1954 Lobster Boat owned by Bill Stevens – “Rose

1952 Penn Yan owned by Tom Davenport – “Peter Pan

Third Place Awards

1955 Chris Craft owned by Ted Boynton – “Babs

1951 Penn Yan owned by David Scott – “Glycerin

Special Awards

Best Restored –  1946 Chris Craft owned by John Rau – “Wood Ya

unspecified.jpgBest Preserved – 1961 Grady White owned by Rich Rosselli – “Castaway

Judges Choice – 1908 Steam Launch owned by Connecticut River Museum

People’s Choice – 1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

unspecified.jpgBest Chris Craft – 1959 Chris Craft owned by Richard Haupt – “Old Timer

Best Gar Wood – 1935 Gar Wood owned by Chris Enger – “Miss Aspen

unspecified.jpgBest Non-Wood – 1964 Aqua Ray owned by Todd Williams – “Telstar

unspecified.jpgMost Original (ACBS Award) – 1951 Hiliner owned by Brian Carey – “Sweet Jane

Mahogany Mondays: The Haupt Family 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat

I would first off like to apologize for being a week late with this article. With the stress of finals and end of the school year chaos, I simply ran out of time! But I finally got the article finished, so here it is! Enjoy!



This week for our Mahogany Monday Feature Boat, we introduce Rich and Jodie Haupt’s 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat. Purchased by the Haupt family (2nd owner) in 1969, for water skiing and family sunset cruises, it has remained family owned for two generations ever since!! The boat went through one family restoration in 1989 and then a second restoration that was completed just last June in 2015 by Jim Murdoch and his team.


041__3_.jpg        IMG_0847.JPG

In the past, every spring, the Haupt family spent time caulking, repainting the bottom, and endless hours going through the sand, varnish, sand, varnish routine we all know so well. They also spent time learning about and maintaining the Chev V8-283 engine.

IMG_2468.JPG         IMG_1798.JPG

Summer 2012 670.jpg

1959 ‘Old Timer’ spends most her time on the Twin Lakes up in Salisbury, CT. The Haupt family has been enjoying her since the early 70s and she still pulls water skiers today! The Haupt family enjoys wooden boating and wants to keep this boat and the memories it hold in the family for generations to come. ‘Old Timer’ will be at our 32nd Mahogany Memories Boat Show this July and we hope to see you there!

Our next Mahogany Mondays post will be July 4th! Would you like to feature your antique classic boat? We’d love to post it! Please email Bridget Haines at;,  and we will begin a conversation from there!

Keep checking back at the website for more articles and uploads about our show in July and other SNEC ACBS events and news.

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Introducing: Mahogany Mondays


We here at the Southern New England Chapter are part of the beautiful art and hobby of wooden boating. One of the most exciting parts of this activity is being able to share our boats with others. In order to do this, We are going to start what’s going to be called: Mahogany Mondays. This is going to be an article posted on this website and shared to Facebook that will feature a boat in the chapter. These articles will be posted on the first Monday of every month. The boats featured will be completely random and hopefully by submission. If you would like to submit your boat to be featured next month, please see the bottom of this post for more information.

And now for our first Mahogany Monday Feature boat; Bounty, a 1950 Disappearing Propeller Boat, owned by chapter members Gail and Wes Van Dine.

The Van Dine’s Disappearing Propeller Boat, BountyIMG_2055 - RESIZE.JPG

Gail and Wes Van Dine have been boating and members of our Southern New England Chapter of the ACBS for years. This is why we figured they’d be a perfect choice for our very FIRST Mahogany Monday post. Out of their collection of beautiful antique boats, they’ve chosen to feature their 1950 Disappearing Propeller Boat, Bounty!

sport-special-ad-Copy.jpgFirst off, let’s explain what the Disappearing Propeller Boat, often called a “Dippy”, actually is. The disappearing propeller was invented in 1915 and manufactured into boats up until the year 1958. The engine itself is very small, which means the boat is only going about six miles an hour at top speeds. One of the benefits to owning a Dippy, besides the slow and relaxing ride, is that the propeller can pull up into the interior housing, allowing the boat to go in very shallow waters that would normally only be fit for a canoe or kayak. Wes’s favorite part about the boat is that it is a very unique and unusual boat, that often strikes up quite a few questions.

IMG_0246 (2) - RESIZE.JPGThe Van Dine’s found their boat, Bounty, in the free boat section of Woody Boater magazine in 2009. The Van Dine’s drove up to Canada, where the boat was stored upside down on a woodpile, and took the boat and the half of the engine that came with it. Once they had brought the boat home, they restored it with Schuyler Thomson, from 2013 to 2015.

IMG_0245 -RESIZELast summer, the Van Dine’s brought their boat to a couple of shows. One of them was our 31st Annual Mahogany Memories Show in Essex. Unfortunately, the engine wasn’t quite cooperating so Bounty couldn’t go in the water, but it was still a very neat boat to see up on the lawn. The other show Bounty went to was the 37th Annual Finger Lakes ACBS show up in New York. At this show, Bounty took home the Best Preserved Launch and was able to be enjoyed in the wonderful water. This summer Bounty and the Van Dines will  be headed up to the Clayton Boat Show in New York, where the Disappearing Propeller Boat is actually the feature boat.IMG_2057 - RESIZE.JPG

The Van Dines have loved using their Dippy and hope to get much more use out of it this summer. The couple loves how the wooden boat community is such a place to connect and meet others. Gail and Wes have friends all the way up to Canada and New York, down to Florida, and over into the Midwest, just from doing boat shows and meeting other wooden boat lovers. The variety of boats from past years is so fascinating and the Van Dines definitely celebrate that. Wooden boating is such a unique hobby that is definitely worthwhile to share and collaborate with others. Stay Snazzy!


Our next Mahogany Mondays post will be June2nd! Would you like to feature your antique classic boat? We’d love to post it! Please email Bridget Haines at;,  and we will begin a conversation from there!

Keep checking back at the website for more articles and uploads about our show in July and other SNEC ACBS events and news.

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Spring Workshop A Sucess!


A month or so ago, many members of the Southern New England Chapter, as well as some new faces, met for our spring workshop. It was a great day, held at Jim Murdock’s Boat Restoration. This event helped kick off our season that is starting very soon. We all had a great time talking with old and new members and looking at the amazing boats in Jim Murdock’s shop.

Steve Haines, our new chapter president, opened up the morning talking about our upcoming season. Steve first thanked Jim Murdock for letting us have this workshop at his shop, which we can all agree on. Steven then talked about how excited he is for this upcoming boating season. He hopes we will all get out there and spend time on these beautiful boats of ours.

We would again love to thank Jim Murdock for hosting this event at his shop. You can find the link to his website here. We are honored to have been able to see such a beautiful collection of wooden boats.

We hope to see you all later this season, for our boat show and boat rides! More information will be posted soon! Stay Snazzy!






The Ideal Woody Boater First Aid Kit


We all love going out and enjoying rides on the beautiful boats we own. However, one of the worst things that can happen is someone getting hurt or injured along the ride. Having a small first aid kit is not only necessary but extremely handy. Below, there are pictures of the first aid kit we have in our 67 Lyman Cruisette. Pick and choose what you like or feel is necessary for your boat but I figured I’d share what is in ours.

The first most obvious items are some band-aids. We have multiple sizes but if you just have a standard size, it will be just as good. Gauze, gauze pads, and tape are not necessary but we have some in our kit just to be on the safe side.


Another bunch of important items for your first aid kit are various relief creams.  In our kit, we have a hand wipe, a sting relief wipe and a couple of the antiseptic towelettes.  Along with the wipes, we also have a bottle of Sting-Eze some bacitracin.


Another one of the necessary items that is needed for a first aid kit is an ice pack. This is one of the ice packs that you just have to shake, and then the pack activates.


Our last couple of items are some “tools”, a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers. Whether you get a splinter on a dock or need to cut a fraying line, these two items come in handy a lot more often than you would think.

And finally, you will need something to hold it in. We used a small tackle box with the rearrangeable walls. This way we could align the inserts to fit the needs of our kit. However, if you feel this is too large and bulky for your boat. A small pouch or even a small fanny pack will work.


And there you have it. A complete woody boater first aid kit. Having a first aid kit onboard is just on of those things that you really need. It puts your mind at ease and you will never be left without a band-aid or a pair of tweezers again. So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful wooden boat with your new first aid kit!

The 2015 Spring Workshop is Here!

Coming up very soon, this Saturday, is our spring workshop which will be located at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, CT. On Saturday, there will be many interesting and informational presentations all morning and it will be a great opportunity for all of us in the Southern New England Chapter to get to know each other. Here is a message from our chapter President, David McFarlin, regarding some details about this Saturday the 11th. :

am pleased to announce that the Southern New England Chapter will host a Spring Workshop on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, CT.   The Chapter will provide coffee and light breakfast foods beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Lay House, which is on the hill overlooking the museum.  Olive Oyl’s from Essex will be there on site.    

The workshop will consist of 30-45 minute sessions with presentations being made by:

Katie Haines will discuss the re-construction of her paddle board from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m.

Chris Johnson will discuss “How to Trailer a Boat” from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. 

Keith Brown (a new chapter member) will be speaking on “Prewar Raceboats” from 10:00-10:45 a.m.

Jim Delaney and the “Mystic Model Boat Builders” will be giving a presentation from 10:50 to 11:15 a.m.

Boyd Mefferd will speak on “Growing Up with my Father’s Sailing History” from 11:20 to 11:50 a.m.

Chris Dobbs (CRM Director, Ray Gaulke, CRM Board Member & Boat Crew Volunteer and Paul Kessinger, Boat Crew Volunteer) will discuss the CRM boat building program, the Bevins Skiff (they are planning on building one during our show!), the Osprey Steamboat, etc. from 12:00 noon to 12:30 p.m.

Pizza will be served at the Lay House around 12:45 p.m. after the last presentation.

We ask that you RSVP to Bette Heinzman (phone 203-264-5823 or email: no later than Tuesday April 7th so that food can be ordered.

We hope you will join us for a fun and informational day on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the CT River Museum!


ACBS Spring Quarterly Meeting

A message regarding the Spring ACBS Quarterly Meeting from our ACBS Director, Mr. Stanley Struble:


   Save the Dates! You are invited to attend and participate in the ACBS International Spring Quarterly Meeting of officers, directors and members. This year we are having the meeting in conjunction with The WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport on the beautiful Connecticut coast on June 25-28, 2015.


   Our Board meeting will be Friday June 26, which is the first day of the WoodenBoat Show. Your family will have plenty to do and see if you choose not to attend the meeting.

WoodenBoat Magazine, the sponsors of the boat show, has invited ACBS members to show our boats (at no cost for the Boat) during the boat show, which attracts about 13,000 people! Your chapter presidents have been asked to have members bring boats to the Show. This will not be a judged show, but there will be special interest awards presented Saturday evening at the reception and awards dinner.


Reserve Your Hotel Room Soon

   ACBS has reserved a block of rooms at the Mystic Hilton for a price of $159.00 per night, which is reasonable for this area during this time. We also have the opportunity for 20 more rooms at $169 per room when we sell out the first block. 

Please reserve your rooms as soon as possible as this is a large event and rooms sell out very quickly.

For hotel reservations, call the Mystic Hilton at 860-572-0731. They are located at:

Mystic Hilton

20 Coogan Blvd

Mystic, CT06355


Don’t Miss This Enjoyable Event

   You will receive a detailed agenda and registration form soon for this meeting. We will also include a list of activities during the event, including boat rides and museum exhibit tours. You will be able to register for activities through the home office in Clayton.

If you haven’t yet been to beautiful Mystic Seaport – or to the annual WoodenBoat Show – you won’t want to miss it.

We look forward to seeing you in June!


Stanley Struble

ACBS Director


This will be a great opportunity for all of the members in our chapter. I hope you all will be there!