The Ideal Woody Boater First Aid Kit


We all love going out and enjoying rides on the beautiful boats we own. However, one of the worst things that can happen is someone getting hurt or injured along the ride. Having a small first aid kit is not only necessary but extremely handy. Below, there are pictures of the first aid kit we have in our 67 Lyman Cruisette. Pick and choose what you like or feel is necessary for your boat but I figured I’d share what is in ours.

The first most obvious items are some band-aids. We have multiple sizes but if you just have a standard size, it will be just as good. Gauze, gauze pads, and tape are not necessary but we have some in our kit just to be on the safe side.


Another bunch of important items for your first aid kit are various relief creams.  In our kit, we have a hand wipe, a sting relief wipe and a couple of the antiseptic towelettes.  Along with the wipes, we also have a bottle of Sting-Eze some bacitracin.


Another one of the necessary items that is needed for a first aid kit is an ice pack. This is one of the ice packs that you just have to shake, and then the pack activates.


Our last couple of items are some “tools”, a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers. Whether you get a splinter on a dock or need to cut a fraying line, these two items come in handy a lot more often than you would think.

And finally, you will need something to hold it in. We used a small tackle box with the rearrangeable walls. This way we could align the inserts to fit the needs of our kit. However, if you feel this is too large and bulky for your boat. A small pouch or even a small fanny pack will work.


And there you have it. A complete woody boater first aid kit. Having a first aid kit onboard is just on of those things that you really need. It puts your mind at ease and you will never be left without a band-aid or a pair of tweezers again. So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful wooden boat with your new first aid kit!

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