FOR Sale Items

For Sale:

Moving to Lake Champlain on the water.


1—25.6 foot Truscott runabout 1948. Bought at the New York Boat show in 1948 spent life as ride boat in New Hampshire.

1—18.9 foot Truscott utility 1948 owned by Auto Cerner former Governor for Illinoi went to jail for tax evasion 1957.

1—18.6 foot Garwood Utility 1941

All boats need restoration.

1— 20 1946 Chris Craft Custom Restored show winner with trailer. $35,000.

1—16 Foot Garwood Enson Utility restored show with trailer.          $ 6,500.

1— Pen Yan Sailing Canoe Restored show with trailer.                       $??????


2— Gray Marine 244 140 HP one rebuilt the other complete and turns over.

1— rebuilt 4-75 gray engine runs.

1—rebuilt 226 114 HP out off a Higgins 17’ Sport Speedster.

1— Chrysler 440 Rebuilt complete engine and gear over 375 HP. two  4 Barrel Carbs.

2— Chrysler aces both run.

3— Chrysler Ace blocks and all parts to build the engines.

Starters, generators water pumps. cylinder heads , water manifolds.

parts for Gray marine engines, parts for Chrysler Ace And Chrysler crown


2–Boxes of Gray Marine NOS Parts And Gasket Sets

Gaskets For K and M Chris Craft

Chrysler Crown and Ace.

331-354 Hemi Gaskets M-45-M45Sp3 engines.


A lot more parts two many to list.


Don Spring

80 Hungary, RD

Granby, CT.06035

Cell# 1 -860 -593-1766

CT # 1-860-653-3660


Sale will be June 23-24  9:00 AM-5:00PM.

Moving to North Hero On Lake Champlain.

No room up north for 18 years of engine rebuilding. retired!



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