Antique and Classic Boat Society

The Antique and Classic Boat Society is proud to support five boat building schools with an annual contribution of $5,000 each.  With the ACBS financial support, the boat building schools provide scholarships to deserving students enrolled in a boat building program.

The five schools are:

  • International Yacht Restoration School
  • Seattle Central College
  • Great Lakes Boat Building School
  • The Landing School
  • Cape Fear Community College

Each year ACBS organizes a cash raffle.  The first-place winner will receive $4,000.  More importantly, proceeds from the raffle are deposited into the Scholarship Endowment Fund which will allow the ACBS to continue its support of students enrolled in a boat building program.  Proceeds also support ACBS Education Programs.

We have (3) tickets to sell in our Chapter.  The tickets are $100 each and only 300 tickets are availableThe deadline date to sell the raffle tickets is August 14, 2018.

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for $100.00, please contact Bette Heinzman, as she has the tickets.

I hope you are able to support this worthy cause.

Lynn McFarlin, SNEC President

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